A Step Closer to Nature: Aromatic Quality of Essential Oils

A Step Closer to NatureHave you ever gone for a bush walk? If so, close your eyes and try to feel the smell of the forest. Calming isn’t it? The aromatic quality of essential oils offers you the same experience. That is, if you use them purposefully and properly.


Let’s have a little chat on the aroma of essential oils.

Many Kinds of Aroma

Different essential oils give you unique experiences. Let’s have a look what some popular essential oils offer us.


Peppermint leavesI love this leaf as a herbal tea. It packs a punch. Whenever I feel lethargic, I zip a nicely brewed peppermint tea. The oil of peppermint leaf is no different. It has a cooling, refreshing effect and is widely used to enhance mental alertness.


Eucalyptus trees

Eucalyptus oil is distilled from leaves and twigs of some variants of Eucalyptus tree. This tree is native to Australia. This oil has a powerful and an easily recognizable aroma.


A lavendar fieldLavender is a very commonly used air-freshener in the market. It is also quite popular as an essential oil. The name Lavender originates from the Latin word ‘lavera’ meaning ‘to wash’. It certainly can wash away odors and mental stress.

Tea Tree

A tea estateTea is my favorite drink next to water, any form of it – black, green, mint, ginger, and the list goes on. The oil of tea tree leaves produces a sharp but a pleasant aroma and is useful for many other applications also (I remember using tea tree oil to treat my acne problem during teenage years.)


A bergamot tree with fruitThis oil is distilled from the peel of the bitter orange fruit or Citrus bergamia. Bergamot extract is known for flavoring tea and Turkish delight. Its oil has the same fresh floral, herbal and citrusy aromas. Who don’t love those invigorating citrus scents?


Cinnamon sticksI am sure you have come across cinnamon in your food, or may be not. It is a heavily used spice in Asian cuisine. I have seen cinnamon oil being used in hotels and spas in Sri Lanka (and in fact in my home too) to create a soothing atmosphere.

There are hundreds of essential oils out there that gives very unique experiences.

Diffusing the Aroma

Now we know a little about the aromatic quality of essential oils. But, how can we effectively diffuse this aroma into our home atmosphere?

There are mainly two (2) types of essential oil diffusers; 1. Fragrance warmers and 2. Electric diffusers.

Fragrance Warmers

These are cheaper than their electrical counterparts. They are often made from clay. and their working principle is quite simple. You put a little water onto the top basin of the clay warmer. Then, add a few drops of essential oil on to the water. Place a candle in the heating chamber.

Essential oils have a very low boiling point than water. So, water acts to control the rate of evaporation of the essential oil. Simple, yet effective!

A fragrance warmer

Electrical Diffusers

Electrical fragrance diffuserThese diffusers use electrical energy to generate heat that casue essential oil to be evaporated into the air. Some diffusers expel a mist time-to-time as well.

These are little expensive than the fragrance warmers, ranging from about 15 USD to 100 USD.

Where to Buy?

Essential oils and warmers are available from many places. For example, I bought the fragrance warmer and the small cinnamon essential oil bottle (came as a package) in the above picture from a supermarket for about 3 USD. Shops that sell herbal products have various essential oils too. There some shops that specializes in essential oils that houses a wide variety of oils and related accessories. The other place to look for is the Internet where many online sellers offer a variety of oils and accessories.

But, how to select the high quality products at a reasonable price? Let us try to have a chat on that in another encounter.


  • Joanne

    Hi there, really informative article about essential oils, I use a variety of them already, mainly in oil burners up until now, but I have just invested in a diffuser, so on the look out for more ideas of different oils to use. I will be keeping an eye for new ideas on your site.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Ravihansa

      Hello Joanne. What kind of a diffuser is this? Electronic or heated?
      Why don’t you subscribe to the site, so you will get updates when I post? I am a little busy these days, but will be publishing quite frequently.
      Thanks for the encouraging words.

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